The majority of cleaning supplies currently on the market contain ingredients, which are not friendly both to the environment and you. Nowadays, a lot of people are now shifting to green cleaning supplies. These types of products are known to benefit both the people and earth in various ways. If you need cleaning supplies this company can help. All-Line Distributors have been providing cleaning equipment to businesses for years. The following are top reasons to use eco-friendly products:

Smell better

Have you ever gone into g2wed6cg2w3edyu72ui2an office or home cleaned by use of chlorine bleach as the major cleaning agent? You feel like it is knocking your socks off. The good thing about eco-friendly and organic cleaning supplies is that they do not contain toxic smells or toxins.

Child friendly

There is no parent who wants to have his or her baby or kids crawling around harsh chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorine bleach, and phosphates. You should note that these chemicals are trans-dermal. This means that they can go through the skin and get into your bloodstream. This is not something you want it to happen to your young children.

Pet friendly

Out little companions are part of the family too. Just as mentioned above, you need to avoid toxic cleaning substances as they are harmful to pets and can be trans-dermal. It is your duty to ensure your pets are safe.

Improve indoor air quality

As you understand, indoor air quality is said to be about five times worse as compared to the outdoor air quality. Thus, if you are using toxic cleaning substances, you are spraying toxins around your home. It is necessary to use eco-friendly products as they reduce toxicity around your home and improve indoor air quality.


A large percentage of mainstream cleaning substances are non-biodegradable. This means that they can sit in the environment for several years to come. It is possible to avoid this by using eco-friendly, biodegradable products.

Support sustainable culture

A lot of companies are using environmentally friendly cleaning products. These are companies that have dedicated their resources to care for the environment. They understand that their products do have an impact on this planet.


Neurotoxin free

It is important to understand that neurotoxins do affect neurons and thereby, brain activity. This results in a broad range of various problems like headaches to loss of your intellect. Therefore, you need to make the right choice by choosing products that are eco-friendly.

By using eco-friendly cleaning supplies, we improve our health, that of our loved ones, the environment, and the planet. It is our duty to spread the love and not the toxic sludge. From above, it is evident that there are many reasons to try eco-friendly cleaning products.