economy < = > ecology  20 january

how people live on a very small island   29 jnuary

what if man is not in charge     6 february

worth     1 march

first equinox 2012   21 march

we humans  29 march

the only way   8 april

searching for simple: a dream   1 may

the Terra Report    late may

what domesticating does to us and
how to get out from under
       4 june

"If you dont know how to fix it
don't break it
  29 june

last night's dream   5 july

passion fruit and bumble bees   8 july

accidents   25 july

mid twenty-twelve

remember Hiroshima?    6 august

past lives or world mind?    16 august

goals and objectives     21 august

strange, very strange, dangerously strange   30 august

welcome to my world    7 september

How we see others, how they see us
    18 september

money and how to get rid of it     6 october

learned skills     10 october

random thoughts through many years     5 november

Hello. Anybody home?
        5 december

why we cannot lead humankind to a sustainable world
    13 december

at the end of 2012 looking at 2013    28 december