What It Is To Be Human -- The full title of the book was  "hope lies in our ability to bring back to awareness What It Is To Be Human." Awkward perhaps, but I  like what it says. Published 1994, now  OUT of PRINT    A book of stories that I experienced, showing that people in other cultures see a different reality than we see. They think differently, certainly judge differently. And that is interesting and important to know, I think.
Authors are supposed to promote their own books. I don’t know how. Fortunately, the book found its own readers from one to another

Original Wisdom; Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing
. The same book as the one above, edited and given another title, published in 2001 (it came out a few weeks before 9-11). It is still in print, and, as its first manifestation, is finding its own readers. Almost certainly the most well known of my books. Translated in Croatian, Dutch, Korean, and German and two other languages maybe pending. And I've heard from three people that there is a pirated version in Chinese (China does not recognize copyright). Other translations are waiting for the world economy to get 'normal'?

Rain of Ashes
, a possible scenario of the inevitable collapse People ;ole ot because basically it is positive.

A BOOK OF DREAMS, NOT dream interpretation. I don't think anoher can interpret our dreams. I like this book, it is to be taken lightly. at a book seller

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All files are in html or PDF. Easy to read on any computer, most "tablets." (iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.)
If your computer or tablet does not have a pdf reader you can download one here,  for free:
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Ha’ina Mai Ka Puana; Let the Story Be Told -- More stories, from a later time in my life. Many of them of Hawai'i and other islands of the Pacific.
Published on the web. You can download it (free). You may pass it on, make as many copies as you want. Under the Common Copyright agreement, the only thing you cannot do is make money from distribution. 

the wonder of being
-- collection of "letters to my friends" the last decennium of the 20th century, edited and put together in 2012 - 18 chapters -- now in pdf format, perhaps eBook later

SPIRAL ../sun%20and%20moon/  Web published. Free download. Don’t know exactly how to tell what it is about. It is a 'novel', meaning it is fiction. It may be in the future, or in a parallel universe. It is not science fiction: not much science in it. Nor is it fantasy, exactly. Ah… read it. Oh, and the title -- that cannot be changed; nor the all caps. I have no idea why that should be, but every time I tried to think of a better title, or just a different spelling, something in me said, No.

REALITIES   published online only so far, 31 december 2010 . Collection of three essays, each too long for an essay too short for a book. Together they make a small book that elaboratley gives form(s) to my thinking about  realities for half my life -- a very long life. The two main realities I write about are the planetary ecology, Mother Earth, Nature-- and the man-made world we live in (no apologies for using man, no woman could have designed our world). The Earth was all we needed for ages. Our world is unsustainable even in the short term. .
As a book it still feels ʻrawʻ I may make changes, additions, subtractions, edits... I put it on because I may run out of time to improve it.
It is in pdf format, can be downloaded (for free now) and read like an e-Book.  Tell me what you think.

Earth Renews; a second chance 
; (future fiction) my last book. Tight in 300 pages. Basically it is one possible scenario for the future. I wrote it over many years: adding, rewriting, omitting, changing. Plants change, humans change... and manybe survive as a new kind of human. Now in pdf format,  later in eBook formats maybe... Still free.

A LITTLE BOOK OF LITTLE POEMS, a whimsy, 2012 (pdf)

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